Welcome to Meenkilly National School

The first national school was built here in the year 1854 and it was built by the people of the locality under the direction of Father Connery of Abbeyfeale. It was a long thatched house, and it was in use until 1915 when the new school was built. There were other teachers in the school from time to time as assistants such as Gerry McCarthy, Julia Brown, Mary O’Connell and after that Denis Fitzgibbon, Mrs Curtin. When Michael Curtin died in 1895, David Ward was appointed the Principal Teacher until 1901. Then John Broderick was appointed a teacher in 1886 and was teaching until 1929.

Our school is situated among the Mullaghareirk Mountains fondly known here as Caher Hill.

Pádraig Ó Conaill, Mín na Cille,

Meenkilly National School history as told by Thomas Ó Conaill – Mín na Cille

Today, Meenkilly National School has 4 classrooms and 9 members of staff. Currently we have 92 pupils enrolled in the school. Our students are involved in a variety of projects including a bio diversity programme through the Green Schools initiative. We have recently built and opened a polytunnel in which our students have planted seeds and are growing a variety of plants. 

Our students enjoy a very busy calendar of events. As part of our Active Schools programme, students engage in activities such as cycling, dancing, GAA, yoga and marathon running. Our outdoor education programme features nature hunts, gardening in the school’s polytunnel, cooking our own produce, planting ‘Wishing Willows’ and playing in the sensory garden and play tunnel area. As well as this, students avail of many opportunities to innovate and create in STEM, Arts and Music education. Last year, our school was shortlisted for the Young Engineers of Ireland Award. This year, our school is taking part in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme and we are also delighted to welcome a professional film director to our school as part of an Artist in Residence scheme. 

In Meenkilly NS, each child is valued, cherished and encouraged to develop his/her individuality and talents through a wide variety of learning experiences.