Active School Week June 2022

We had our Active School Week from the 6th – 10th June.

It was a wonderful week, action packed and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Each morning the whole school did 10-15 minutes of warmup, exercises and cool down lead by the ASF committee.

We also did 10@10 / wake up, shake up.

ASF committee leading the morning exercises.

The ASF committee designed an excellent obstacle course for the whole school to use. 

Active Homework

The whole school had Active Homework for the week.

The pupils were encouraged to colour the activities they did each day. 

Active homework went down a treat and they really enjoyed the challenge to get the whole sheet coloured!

We participated in a lot of activities:

  • skipping challenges
  • javelin throw
  • badminton
  • no man’s land football 
  • balloon noodle volley 
No man's Land

Shane O'Connor owner of Feale Fit

We had great fun with Shane who volunteer 3 hrs of his time- from the minute the pupils were in the yard, he had them moving constantly. Shane had organised to play a number of games with each class within the school. Games included: Red Light/Green Light, Cup and Saucer, various Parachute games, Dodgeball, Hula Hoop Relay and the highlight for everyone- the Tug of War. Shane’s time and efforts were greatly appreciated.

Zumba with Nicole O'Sullivan

In collaboration with Limerick Sports Partnership, Nicole enhanced our Active School Week, with Zumba dancing. It was very energising and uplifting as all pupils and teachers participated in the lesson. Nicole had fantastic music and age-appropriate dance moves to keep us all active. Nicole’s time and efforts were greatly appreciated.

New Walkway

We launched our new Walkway during Active School Week. The ASF committee mapped and measured the Walkway. During Active School Week every class used it to promote physical activity in a cross-curricular way. We also used it as a whole school activity and saw the older classes embrace the leadership role.

The children of Meenkilly are so lucky to be situated on the Wild Atlantic Way, one of the longest defined coastal routes in the world. We use the Caher Ring which is about 5 miles in total. The pupils like to run/hop/skip/ jump along the route. It is a fantastic facility that allows the pupils to observe nature throughout the seasons. During ASW, each class did an active walk which included intervals of exercises on the quiet parts of the road. 

Our Local Labyrinth

Third to Sixth Class pupils went for a cycle and stopped off to admire the fabulous labyrinth and view.

The senior pupils of the school are very fortunate to be taught bike safety skills throughout the whole year. On different occasions, the pupils are asked to bring their bikes to school for training. During ASW the pupils cycled to the labyrinth and had an awesome day.

Pupils using the school's tunnel during ASW
We use our Polly Tunnel all year round.

Staff Vs Pupils

Staff Vs pupils challenge was great fun. A pupil from each classroom was picked to represent the pupils and four staff members were selected. The challenge was to peg clothes on the clothesline and whichever team had the most clothes on the line within a 30 second timeframe won the challenge. 

Needless to say, the pupils won with an astounding 11 pieces of clothing and the teachers had 8.   

Lá Spraoi

Lá Spraoi was a fantastic day for every pupil in Meenkilly NS. All classes took it in turn to see the very tame, quiet, patient animals in the mobile Pet Farm. The pupils got to pet, feed, brush and hold most of the animals if they wanted to and they even got to chase the pig.

Although the weather was against us, we made the most of it. All the pupils were treated to an ice-cream and candy floss. Our SNAs played a crucial role in making and distributing the candy floss, which went down a treat. 

As if the day couldn’t get any better, each pupil got their face painted. In between the different activities, each class played balloon noodle volley/ go noodle/ just dance to stay active throughout the day. 

Video of Lá Spraoi