Today saw the pupils of the Active School Committee setting up an obstacle coarse for the whole school to enjoy. Each class got a chance to run the course which saw them develop their hopping, skipping, crawling, throwing and jumping skills. Well done Active School Committee 👏🏻

Pupils played Dodge Ball under the direction of the ASC members from 5th and 6th class. It was very enjoyable.

Pupils from Junior Infants to Second class continued to play their soccer tournament.
Pupils from Third to Sixth class had a very exciting finish to their final as it went to penalties and then ‘Sudden Death’. Congratulations to the winning team -Team B and runners up Team D.
Every game was very sporting and a great sense of team spirit was felt by all involved. The supporters were second to none as sometimes I felt like I was at All Ireland Final! Congratulations to everyone involved. 👏🏻