Active Schools

Active School Flag Award

We are currently working towards the Active School Flag Award. The Active School Flag is awarded to schools which strive to achieve a physically educated and active school community. In November as part of working towards achieving the Active School Flag, we held our first Active School Month. Throughout this month lots of fun filled activities and events were held such as cycling, school walks, nature walks, yoga, running, dancing, Heaven or Hell, circuit training and many more! We hope that Active School Week will be an annual event held in our school. Children also enjoy daily movement breaks between lessons and are encouraged to stay active outside of school. Our school looks forward to remaining a physically active school in working towards achieving our first Active Flag.

Marathon February

In the spirt of Active Schools, third class to sixth will be embarking on an ambitious goal of completing a marathon. This programme will involve learning about the science behind running and how exercise benefits the different parts of the body and mind. Each student will be awarded with a certificate and jersey to celebrate their success.