Adventures of 1st & 2nd Class

We have 13 pupils in First class and 14 pupils in Second Class. Our teacher’s name is Linda Gleeson.

We went on two walks around Caherhayes where we explored all the flora and fauna it has to offer. We learnt how to identify some of the trees by the shape of their leaves and looked at the effect of autumn on our natural environment. We also got lots of exercise as it is almost 5KM.

Crafty Kids! Check out our wonderful pieces of Art. Being a Green School, we reused a worksheet from S.P.H.E. having labelled all the body parts, to create and design an outfit. We enjoyed working with fabric. We got really creative and even used some glitter!

We learnt how to make pom poms. We used a cardboard cut outs and wool. Tying the wool together at the end was the tricky part but Mrs. Gleeson helped us all the way. 1st Class created friendly monsters:

2nd Class created some Hedgehogs for our autumn nature table:

Planting In Our New Poly Tunnel: Our class got to sow onion sets in the raised beds in our school’s new poly tunnel. We were very excited and learnt how to tell the difference between the root and the shoot. We also planted some flower bulbs, kindly donated by the Roche Family. Narcissus ‘Rip van Winkle’ bears unusual, multi-petalled, greenish yellow flowers that look very unlike any other daffodil.

Special Blessing and Tree Planting: On Wednesday 13th October Fr. Mullins came to our school to open our new poly tunnel and blessed us all for the year ahead. He also planted a mature Oak tree to mark the occasion.

Our Scarecrow:
We also got to take a photo with our new resident in Meenkilly ‘Mike the Scarecrow’. He has the important job of looking after all our vegetables growing by keeping the crows away.